10 Popular MMO Gaming Websites


Introducing MMOs

Massively multiplayer online games are very popular, however, keeping up with all the latest trends is not easy. New games are consistently trying to break into the market while the established MMOs update often in an attempt to stay fresh. Here are 10 popular MMO gaming websites.

Top 10s

1) Runescape

Runescape has been around for over a decade and has remained one of the most-played MMOs in the world. In the game, you get a warrior who can fight, collect resources, make things and more. Memberships can be bought for Runescape and they are used to unlock new skills, quests and items.

World-of-Warcraft2) World of Warcraft

Created by Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft has been a big player on the MMO scene since 2004. A fighting-based fantasy game, the game has seen multiple expansions, with the most recent being announced in August 2015.

3) Rift

Rift is a free-to-play MMO developed by Trion Worlds. The game is set in a fantasy world and the primary objective is to battle a variety of different factions and races. Rift is playable on Microsoft Windows computers and has had two expansions since its release in 2011.

4) Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 came out in 2012 and this MMO has rapidly become one of the biggest online. Another fantasy game, the player’s goal is to reunite a guild which has become disbanded. As of August 2015, the game had been purchased over 5 million times.

5) The Secret World

Published by Electronic Arts, The Secret World is a horror-based MMO set on Earth, and heavily revolves around the three world-controlling societies. The game can be played for free after being bought, however, in-game extras can be purchased.

6) Eve Online

Eve Online was released in 2006 and is an MMO set in space. The player has the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, such as combat, exploration and mining. As of 2015, Eve Online was said to have 500,000 active subscribers.

7) Star Wars: The Old Republic

Set in the Star Wars world, Star Wars: The Old Republic has enjoyed a successful time since coming out in 2011. Initially a subscription game, there is now also a free-to-play mode which makes it attractive for people looking to get involved in the MMO scene.

8) Neverwinter

Neverwinter is an MMO based on the popular board game Dunegeons & Dragons. A free-to-play game, Neverwinter was developed by Cryptic Studios and has plenty to offer players, with combat being the highlight. This MMO was released in June 2013.

9) Everquest

Everquest has been around since the last millennium and the MMO continues to enjoy strong support nearly 20 years on. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world and has a world especially reserved for player-versus-player (PvP) combat.

10) Marvel Heroes

One of the youngest MMOs out there, Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play game which involves the characters from the world-famous Marvel Comics. While currently only available on Microsoft Windows, an OS X version is in development.

Pick one and play

This thorough list of MMOs should point you in the right direction. Whether it’s fantasy combat you’re keen on, or maybe a more strategy-based game, there is something for everyone out there.

The Best Free MMORTS Games 2015


Start The Game

Whether you are looking to build empires, go on fantastic adventures, want to play games online with your friends, or even meet new people, Massively Multi-player Online Real Time Strategy games, referred to as MMORTS, are the way to go. They give hundreds, or even thousands of players from all around the world an opportunity to play together simultaneously.

Although playing some MMORTS cost money, most are available for free.

We have put together a list of the best free MMORTS games of 2105. As everyone knows, Gamers would much rather be online playing, then searching for games to play. We hope you enjoy our selections. Please keep in mind that they are in no particular order, or ranking. The last game on the list is just as good as the first, and all are rated 5 Stars by other gamers.

Play The Game

  1. Sparta: War of Empires

Sparta War of Empires is an exhilarating strategy game that takes you back in time to Ancient Greece during the 5th Century B.C. when Xerxes, and the Persian Empire were on a rampage.felspire4

  1. Felspire

The recently launched Felspire is a web based MMORTS game that transports players to the mythical, mysterious world of Eremos. It is a land filled with danger, and strife, however there is certainly no lack of trials, and opportunities.

  1. Pirates: Tirades of Fortune

Pirates Tirades of Fortune allows users to become swash-buckling pirates that are wandering the seven seas of the globe as the most dreaded characters on the oceans. Raise your weapons, and defeat the world in the electrifying game.

  1. Smite

With the role playing game Smite, you can enter the fighting arena as Zeus or other mythological gods. This game combines extreme combat with an amazing fantasy setting for you to match your powers against other deities.

  1. Stormfall: Age of War

Create a powerful army to dominate the medieval world, become lord of the land, and rule your kingdom from your very own castle. Build up the highest quantity of resources to lead your people to military domination, and economic prosperity. Fans of games such as Age of Empires will love the world of Stormfall Age of War.

  1. Elvenar

An immense enchanted world lies ahead with the new game Elvenar. Uncover ancient technologies, and use them to help develop of your own race, either human or elf. Battle mystifying creatures while you accrue power, and wealth.


  1. Lords Road

Lords Road is a fantasy role-playing game that has a gorgeous design, and tons of amazing features. Complete expeditions, and obtain glory while fighting in epic battles. Anticipate an amazing adventure.

  1. Age of Conan: Unchained

Age of Conan Unchained has an M for Mature Rating because is truly is one of the most brutal, violent, and fierce games of all time. This game is not for the faint of heart due to its violent nature, nudity, and strong language. In this world, the only law is the sword. The entire world is loaded with creatures that are out to obliterate you.

  1. Therian Sage

Engross yourself in a fantasy world where you will uncover a mysterious continent that has been abandoned for close to 700 years. To repopulate it, you will need all the strategy, and skill that you can muster.

  1. Wartune

Wartune is an action fantasy game that combines dungeon brawling, city building, farming, strategy, and role-playing into one great mix. Clever resource management, merged with high-speed fighting make for excellent game play.

Game Over

The fantasy world of MMORTS games allows players to escape into a realm of exciting adventures, and dynamic possibilities. They also impart a diverse aspect of history, role-playing, and flight of the imagination. This results in expansion of our minds, and a fun way to both communicate with others, and express our emotions in a unique way.

Top 12 Strategy MMO Games


It’s Time for Strategy Gaming

Massively multiplayer online strategy games provide depth to gaming. They include building towns and troops to engage as players. The largest team or one with the best tactic wins. These games also include a variation of the winning strategy.

Some games have limited choices that the player can make while others allow creativity.

Below are some of the top strategy MMO games:

Victory Command

“Victory Command” has a military set-up and employs a complex battlefield. Players use strategies in an open field to conquer the enemy. Tactics such as ambushing, flanking and trapping are allowable. A number of players are also the centre of authority.

Sins of a Dark Age

“Sins of a Dark Age” is a gloomy fictional game. You have to make pivotal judgments, select equipment and inventory. There are rewards and tactical trades. You form a team that thwarts the enemy, executes their leaders and burns their abode.


“Supernova” is a game set on the future. It is based on space and largely employs creativity. Players have to make use of real-time strategies to make it through this intriguing game. It allows you command from across the earth and full control over the happenings.

Battleline-Steel Warfare

“Battleline-Steel Warfare” has a fresh outlook of tank strategy gaming. It combines several eras to create a unique experience where the players fight in order to progress. In the game, you can also conquer nations and each win makes the team advance.

Total War- Arena

In “Total War-Arena”, two teams of ten players fight each other. Each team has three sets of warriors with a unique leader and battle technique. It requires crucial tactics, combat and the corroboration of the team.

Total War Battles-Kingdom

Creative Assembly developed “Total War Battles-Kingdom”. It is a cross-platform game that involves huge battles and players that have to control their own territories. There are tactics to employ while attacking the neighbouring kingdoms. In addition, the fight in this game is for the throne.

TOME- Immortal Arena

“TOME- Immortal Arena” is a game where the players fight the guardians to take control of a domain. KIXEYE developed the game. The matches last for about 15 minutes. There is incessant action in this game that is moderately fast.

Shards of War

“Shards of War” merges the battle strategy with fast action. It is a unique experience that gives you both action and pre-emptive gravity. The battles last about twenty minutes and engage two team of five. One team seeks to take-over the other team and destroy their headquarters.

Might and Magic Heroes Online

“Might and Magic Heroes Online” is a game that allows you to manage heroes and their armies. Blue Byte developed this game which centres on the invented world of Ashan. It has astounding new features that are unique to this game. You can also customise your hero.

features_cGames of Glory

“Games of Glory” borrows from several video games and multiplayer online battle games. The games include flexibility and quick action. You can choose weapons and customise some aspects of the game. It is based on science-fiction and focuses on different planets, species and factions.

Chaos Heroes Online

“Chaos Heroes Online” is a PC game that has existed since 2014. The opponent teams each have five players. The dive into action is quick and deep. Every player has an impact until the battle ends. Therefore, effort is necessary to the last minute.

What is Crucial in These Games

Strategy games top because of their popularity with the market. They are an assortment of action-oriented environments. They also entertain millions of players worldwide. In some instances, you need to strengthen your army, have a plan and deter the enemy. You have to formulate the perfect strategy to attack and position yourself.




Why we created kyrande?


There are plenty of strategy games out there today, but not like this. Even a lot of the most jaded strategy game players will enjoy this one. We created a website for the sake of this game in order to educate people all about it and promote it to a new generation of gamers, and possibly to an older generation of gamers interested in trying something new and exciting.

On this website, people will be able to read all sorts of reviews for the strategy game in question.

They will be able to learn how to play the game, and they will learn a lot of the strategies involved before they even really get started.

They will learn all about the world in which the game is set, so they can get a better sense of the story and get more emotional investment in the story before they really start playing. There is some fun involved with discovering a new game for oneself and learning about all of the complications of that game. It can also be a lot of fun to uncover a hidden gem that was presented to you effectively.